Farewell to the Joe: The Home Bench

This summer, I got to skate one last time on the Joe Louis Arena ice. I brought my camera along to take some pictures of the old barn to remember her by.

This is the Red Wings home bench. Imagine how much history this plank of pine has seen. And yet, it’s just a too-short piece of wood not unlike one you could get at your local lumberyard. It’s mind-blowing, to me, how some objects can be so mundane and yet so storied.


Texas Hills

hills4 by slvrwhispr
hills4, a photo by Olive View Photograpy on Flickr.

Living in Texas, I would take the back roads just for the view. This doesn’t even begin to show just how vast the landscape was. There’s a reason it’s called “big sky country”. This was my first excursion with my first DSLR. The landscape was the perfect subject to learn what DSLR photography was all about. Beautiful. Somewhere near Belton, TX.